How to Host a Wedding Reception at Home

How to Host a Wedding Reception at Home

There is no place like home! Instead of trying to give a hotel ballroom a personal touch, why not use your home for the wedding reception. This arrangement will also cut down your expenses a lot.

Simple reception at your home
If you are planning a wedding in the morning, perhaps a simple reception is more suitable. Instead of a dinner you can offer your guests delicate sandwiches together with champagne or a sparkling wine. The ingredients can be salmon, whitefish roe, shrimps, brie cheese or roast beef. Also offer your guests lots of fruits such as grapes, melons, papayas, mangos, passion fruits, strawberries and pineapples. And of course – the wedding cake!

Either you or a caterer who specializes in offsite events will be responsible for the feast. You can also get some help from your family or friends. Most people love to help on a wedding.

The wedding reception at home
To arrange the reception at home or at some acquaintance is an excellent idea. All you can do in a reception site function of course just as well at your home.

However, remember to plan “the personnel question” thoroughly. Perhaps your neighbors will gladly help you with setting the table, decorating with flowers, serving, taking care of the dishes, cleaning etc.

What is suitable to serve at a home reception? Perhaps a buffet? If you have a wedding theme you can retrieve the inspiration from that. Or you are going to Tuscany in Italy on your honeymoon. A buffet with Italian dishes will of course suit excellent.

Below a check-list if you are planning your reception at home:

  • Will there be enough room for a dining space, a bar, and a dance floor
  • What do you need to rent? Coat hangers, chairs, tables, china, napkins, table linens, a dance floor, tent (in case of bad weather)
  • Who is in charge
  • Who will serve
  • Parking lot
  • Will there be enough of bathrooms