How to Choose a Wedding Reception Venue

How to Choose a Wedding Reception Venue

Need to know where to begin when you're looking for a wedding venue or perhaps you just need inspiration, read our guide and find the perfect setting for your reception.

When you're considering reception venues keep the theme of the wedding in mind. If you're having a fairy tale wedding maybe look for a historic old house if you're having a summer beach wedding then why not choose beach-side restaurant or even erect a marquee in the sand. Unless of course you have gone all inclusive then you will get exactly what you have seen in the brochure.

It is important to consider the location of the wedding reception. If you are having a church service in a separate location, the reception should be convenient and easy to get to. Especially if guests are expected to find their own way there.

If you're having a large wedding you'll need a venue bug enough for everyone. Ask the vendor what the capacity is and whether they are strict on enforcing any limits. Another essential thing you must ask the vendor us whether they can provide seating.

Even if you have found the most romantic venue for your wedding reception; if you have to walk outside to another building go to the toilet you might think twice about its suitability. Be realistic. Also if you have guests coming from far away does the venue offer accommodation within the ground or nearby. If you are expecting small children and there are water features at the venue, ask yourself whether they are suitably safe.

Set yourself a budget and stick to it. If there is a venue that really captures your imagination but is completely outside of the budget; look for ways around it. Ask the vendors whether they have an off season price. Also another thing to keep in mind is that wedding venues come at different state of readiness. Ask the vendors what is included e.g.; chairs, tables, cutlery and a fully functioning bar.