Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

Just decided to get married? To achieve a successful wedding it is important with a good planning. To your help you can use our wedding checklist below. Try also to delegate the tasks, otherwise there is a big risk that the planning will be a burden for you.

Wedding planning

12 months before

  • Pick a wedding date
  • Decide what type of wedding
  • Decide whom you want to invite
  • Book church or other site for the wedding

9 months before

  • Draw up a budget
  • The bride: decide and order the wedding dress
  • Book reception site
  • Book hotel room for yourselves and reserve accommodations for out-of-town guests
  • Book photographer
  • Start planning the guest list
  • Assemble your planning team. Perhaps a wedding consultant?

6 months before

  • Start planning the wedding party
  • Decide toastmaster
  • Decide wedding theme
  • Order bridesmaid dresses
  • Order the bridal bouquet and the floral decoration
  • Order printed matters as invitation and thank-you card
  • Start planning the honeymoon

4 months before

  • Plan the wedding ceremony and meet the wedding official
  • Select and order music for the marriage and wedding party
  • Decide the menu and order food and drink
  • Contact rental companies if you need to rent such as chairs, tables, music equipment, porcelain etc
  • Book all transportations during the wedding day

3 months before

  • Plan the wedding day in detail
  • Select and order wedding rings
  • Apply for marriage license
  • The bride: buy accessories, shoes under underwear
  • The bride: book your stylist and makeup artist
  • Book the honeymoon

2 months before

  • Send invitations card
  • Order wedding cake
  • Write a purchase list
  • Write a wedding gift list
  • Write a marriage settlement, if necessary

1 month before

  • The bride: Have final gown fitting
  • Plan reception and seating chart
  • Practice the wedding waltz

2 weeks before

  • Pick up your wedding rings
  • Contact the photographer and settle the details
  • Visit the ceremony and reception site and confirm arrangements
  • Confirm arrangements with the rental company
  • Inform all involved the wedding program
  • Make last-minute adjustment of the seating

1 week before

  • Rehearse the wedding ceremony with all involved
  • Pack and arrange all practical details for the honeymoon

Day before

  • Bring your clothes and luggage to the wedding night hotel
  • Decorate the site with flowers and other ceremony accessories
  • Relax as much as you can and go to bed early!

The wedding day

  • Bring the bridal bouquet
  • Do you have the wedding rings – double check!
  • Get married!

Post wedding

  • Prearrange for someone to return any rentals
  • Write and send thank-you notes to the wedding guests